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ITU Cozumel, bikes

We have some triathon Bikes for the ITU Cozumel. if you do not whant to have the big problem Bringing the big Bag on the plane , taxi, Ferry, Taxi. etc,etc, remember you can rent a Good perfect shape Quintana Roo Bike. we have size XS ; Small , Med, Med/Large and Large…questions??? thanks.

We still have bikes for the GFNY in Cozumel.

WE have some size left for the GFNY in Cozumel. for these November.  we rented all the bikes for the triathlon Mr Sanchos, and for the 70.3  1/2 Ironman too.  thanks for all the riders.

70.3 Ironman Cozumel Mexico sold out.

Hi and thanks for all , we are out of bikes for the 70.3 Ironman Cozumel Mexico 2015 edition,  all the bikes Quintana Roo triathlon Bikes are all ready rented for the Event,  we have a few for the 140.6 Ironman  2015, and some MTB. for companions. thanks again.

ITU Cozumel & GFNY. Cozumel 2015

We still have bikes abialavle for rent for the events.  so do not let until the last moment.

you do not need to bring your Big Box, on Plane and then difucults in airports. and Taxi..

We carry Quintnana Roo. Bikes.

Rent a Bike for the Events in Cozumel

Hi just remember. if you use trasnport to bring your bike you will spend aprox $ 450.00 dollars and need to give them your bike one month before the event.

if you bring it with you, the air tare $, then if you arrive to Cancun, need a Taxi Van to take you the Playa del Carmen is $80. doll. then is the ferry to Cozumel. and then Need a taxi van to your Hotel. $ 40 to $60.00. and then return. so if you made unmbers, Air fare for the Box,$ 150.00 PLUS THE TAXIS IN Mexico $ 250 to $300.00  Total $ 400.00 minimun. and pray to dont damage your Bike.

If you rent from us is $400.00 for the Event. from Thuesrday to Monday.if you need extra days will be $50.00 for each day.

Cozumel Events, ITU, GFNY, 1/2 and Full Ironman

Hi, we are all ready reciving reservations for the events in Cozumel.. do not lett them until the last minute.

remember. there are many expeses when you bring your own bike.. the customers in the last event where very happy. for the service and some of them , sed that we have a better bikes than they have at Home.

so do not let the time pass.

Ironman Mexico, we are taking all ready Bikes Reservations

Hi, for all the events ITU, 1/2 Ironman, GFNY , and the Ironman , events that are made in Cozumel. all reservations are taking all ready for 2015 calendar events. so do not wait until the event is all ready on you.. made your reservation with time.. in some events we run out of Bikes. and if for any reason you or your friend has a trip for vacation. to cozumel you can tray and ride the pad of the Ironman,, we carry Quintana Roo Tri-bikes, andvery soon we will carry Road Bikes Litespeed Bikes.. all carbon., thanks.

vacation on a cruise to cozumel-bike, bike.

If you are traveling on a cruise, and visit cozumel, and you like bikes. you most tray to ride in the pad of the Ironmans do, and GFNY do too.  so made a reservation. bring your pedals and Helmet and rent a bike tri-bike , we have Quintana Roo New tri bikes carbon. to tray adn spend the day doing what you most like biking.

best place to ride.

Cozumel Ironman 1/2 and Full rent a Bike

Remember , to aboid problems in bring your bike , expensive cost, with the big box. save and rent a Bike for the event. 1/2 and  Full Ironman. we are ready to serve you. and save money with us.

Ironman Monterrey, tri-bikes for rent.

If you are going to participate in the 1/2 Ironman in Monterrey Mexico, do not need ot carry your big Box of  the bike. save all the problems of carring the bike and expensive cost. Rent a Bike Quintana Roo. Tri-bikes ready to use. New bikes.  all the customes that rented in Cozumel for the 1/2 and Full ironman where very happy to have it,