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Posts from ‘February, 2015’

Rent a Bike for the Events in Cozumel

Hi just remember. if you use trasnport to bring your bike you will spend aprox $ 450.00 dollars and need to give them your bike one month before the event.
if you bring it with you, the air tare $, then if you arrive to Cancun, need a Taxi Van to take you the Playa del [...]

Cozumel Events, ITU, GFNY, 1/2 and Full Ironman

Hi, we are all ready reciving reservations for the events in Cozumel.. do not lett them until the last minute.
remember. there are many expeses when you bring your own bike.. the customers in the last event where very happy. for the service and some of them , sed that we have a better bikes than [...]