Pay pal $ 20.00 dolars reservation,  the balance (Cash please) you will paid at the meeting point. when you recive the Bike.


1) Bike and Snorkel  3.30 hours .we use Hybrid Pedal Bikes.  Tours start at  9.30 am  and 1.00 pm

Tour on the west side of the Island of Cozumel In these tour, we will ride to the south of the Island,and see the best scenic views that Cozumel has to offer you with  guided bike ride and then enjoy snorkeling in the Clear Caribbean water.Scenic stops along the route where you can take some pics that the guide will stop for that. Then we will arrive to the beach area for snorkel , you will swuim and snorkel at the clear watersofCozumel andenjoy the amenities of theBeach club, like hammacas,chairs asncau use all the facilities of the place.   YOU WILL GET,.For the Ride :  The bike, Helmet , look, and  at the Beach Club :snorkel gear for 45 minutes and a welcome one drink at the beach. Snorkel set including: Varied sized fins, sanitized snorkel, silicone mask, and vest,Guided snorkel excursion , at the time to return, you have the choice to return with us on the bike or you can stay at the beach, If you decide to stay the Transportation back is at your own and you will decide when, but remember the time of your cruise depart.

The cost of these tour is $50.00 At least need to be 2 persons.

2) Bike Tour/Punta Sur. Ecologic park  4 to 4.30 hours.

In these tour you Need to have bike experience and condition to ride at least 30 km or 19 miles. We will ride to the south west coast of the Island, for 19 miles ( 30KM) , with a  guided bike ride and in the rear we will have a scooter/mechanic  just in case you have any problem. when we arrive the door of Punta Sur , the entrance to the Eco park , we will ride on a sand Road. for 2.5 miles( 4 km) , then we will have the best of the PUNTA SUR. The Park has a lot of natural beauty with marvelous views starting with the  road leading into it. You will get to see the Nice Colombia Lagoon and its resident crocodiles more than 350 from the last count. There is a viewing bridge that leads out over the lagoon for a fun perspective. and You may even take the guided boat tour of the lagoon. when we arrive the Lagoon, you will change the bike for the snorkel gear. and then go in to the water and enjoy the beuty , then you will have a Mexican launch. and one soft drink, and relax  if you do not want to snorkel , just relax on the hammacs,or lay down. then at the time we need to return. you need to ride back to the paviment Entrance Road of the Park and thenwe will ride back to the start point. or if you prefer to return in a transport we will have an extra fee of $35.00 us.  a transport will be there to take you the the meeting Departure point .

COST OF THESE TOUR $100.00 doll. Need to be at least 2 persons.

3) Ride arround the Island on a Carbon bikes , Ride 40 or 65 miles.(65 o 100 km) Need conditon.

can be Road or Triathlon.Braands Litespeed / Qrq Roo When you made your reservation, we will need your Heigth to know the size of Bike you will use. and select from the Road or Triathlon. Get the Experience to Ride at the Ironman Path. and Ride beside the Beach..We have the bike tour special for the Bikers. Using Road Bike Brand Litespeed carbon, or Tri-Bikes Using Quintana Roo Bikes Carbon. Tour is  4 to 4.30  Hours.  Cost $ 150.00 dolars including the Bike  you chose From the ones we have avialables. Litespeed Road bike, size ; Small , Medium and Med/ Large. Or Triathlon Quintana Roo.: XSmall ,Small , Medium , Med/Large  & Large. 1) We will arrive to the meeting point. Tour  will start at 9.30 A.M. 2) To set the Bike to yours needs.pedals, heigth seat, etc.etc. 3) START THE TOUR : using the path is for slow speed arround the Island. there is a two distance, one will be 40 milles aprox using a U turn that will be in the medle of the straigth in the east side just beside the sea. aprox 20 miles from start,  The second will continue to the end of the staigth Riding beside the sea and  return in the last curve when you are living the east area of the island , and returning to the start point. so you will ride 65 Milles. Aprox. 4) CAUTION/HELP. At the end of the group you will have a Moto/Mechanic following the grup. just in case you have a Flat, to help you or any other problem and he will have a cooler with reflesments for you, in case you want, and using a  Flashing orange ligth all the time to prevent others cars. he will folow the grup all the Time , in case there are two grups,the first will return and the Mechanic will follow the second to go to the end . so then they will be following the first. 5) The grup will have two stop . in two areas , so you will take the pics to remember , and get a reffile of a refreshment, 6) At the end of the tour. we will have a drink , beer , whater, gatorade. 7)  And to Finish. You will have one of the two choise 1) 20 Minutes relax massage for your legs. at the massage point. or a Lounch Mexican Plate. 8) Remember to bring your Pedals, shoes, Helmet. and all the Gear you normaly use when you ride at Home. In case you do not whant to bring your pedals , we have a Look tipe $10.00 rent, and a Helmet sizes Medium or Large ajustable $ 10.00 rent. at the moment we do not have shoes. 9) you will Up load your pics, so all your friends will see your experience  .  Facebook,/Trip advisor/or any other you prefer. 10) The Minimum to star a Tour need to be at least 3 Riders. if that day we do not have them. and you want to have the mechanic to help you and folow you, they will be and extra of $ 30.00 if he is avialabel. 11) The bikes do not have insurance, we have a $25.00 doll rate with a $200.00 doll deductible in case you have an accident. is just to cover the bike. 12) Remember. you are responible of the bike and the damages you do to others persons or propieties. Phone MOVIL:  999-9491919 Mr Roger. WHATS APP  + 521 (999) 9491919

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