$ 20 dollars RESERVATION . for a day,,,

 Events Reservation ::  GFNY and ITU Cozumel , Need to pay the Rent of $150.00 straight two days rental, some times we run out of Bikes.


COZUMEL IRONMAN ;  PRICES STAR AT $300.00 / $350.00 AND $400.00

depending of the bike.

                               EVENT CANCELATION 

 Fee will be.. 8 weeks before the event 70% will be return,  4 weeks before the event 40% will be return,  2 weeks before the event 10%.  less than that 0%.  Need to understand we reyect many customers, when the bikes are all ready rented.

The New Road Bikes Carbon LITESPEED 2017 & 2018  , and Road Bike KESTLER 2018  ,  Bikes very well maintenance ,  Remember Cozumel has a road arround the Island,

RENT ON A REGULAR DAY ..  Day or part of the Day. $ 100.00 u.s dolars

Rent for 24 Hours. $ 120.00

Rent for 2nd and 3er day, $ 80.00 straigth

4th and more days. $ 60.00 straigth

5th days and get two Free. $ 350.00

Extra day $ 50.00

Pedals , Look type, Shimano ans MTB $ 10.00 for a day. extra day $ 5.00

Helmets, Med and Large  ajustable. $ 10.00 for a day, extra day $5.00

Weekends special,, ( not in event) ,  pay two days get one free. to use it Friday to Sunday evening  $180.00 us.

The bikes have a pouch on the Frame, and a Bottle Cage.  for your needs.

FLATS CAN HAPEN ::We can lend a Co2  and the adapter , tyre lever set, and a tube.., if you use it, you will pay for it,  Co2 $7.00 , Tube $ 7.00  Need to ask for them,some times we do not have, abialable.

Delivery & Pick up: we can take the bike to your Hotel or condo, a Mechanic will do it. and put the seting and Idems to your needs, for only $ 10.00 dollars. if you are in Downtown.,,, If your Hotel is in the south or North area. will be and extra $ 30.00 for the distance.  for delivery and pickup.

Insurance.  just to cover the damages of the bike..we have a $20.00 doll for a day. insurance to cover the damage of the bike, in case you have and accident you will just pay the deductible of $200.00 doll .The rest will be cover. if you do not acept  it, you will be responsable of the bike.The insurance do not cover damages to other persons or other propieties. THEFT IS NOT COVER.

Remember you are responsable for the bike and the damages you do other persons or property and your self.

Phone MOVIL:  999-9491919 Mr Roger. WHATS APP  + 521 (999) 9491919

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