PAY PAL $ 10.00 Dollars will be charged to your PayPal account when you click this button.
Phone MOVIL:  999-9491919 Mr Roger. WHATS APP. + 521(999)9491919

Pleas send us e-mail telling us if you rent a Scooter or Bike.
Don’t be fooled by signs offering scooter rentals at $ 20.00 They don’t include anything.
No Gas, Not Insurance , No Tax. and some times a bearly working scooter.


cruiseSpecial rent for a day for turists arriving by Cruise or from Playa del Carmen. we have an office in the international pier ( where all the Royals Caribbean arrives).

Scooters, options Yamaha 125cc & Suzuki . We offer Automatic SCOOTERS.
Package  1- ) Everything is included.

Includes:Rental of the scooter, Liability Insurance, Gas ,
taxes and , All for $50.00 dollars.

Package- 2 ) Seperate Prices..
Sombrero Rentals                                               others companies

*Rent – $ 35.00                                                $ 35 to $ 45.00
*Liability Insurance –   $ 10.00                        $ 10.00 to $ 15.00
*Collision insurance     $15.00                         $15 TO   $ 20.00
*Deducctible                 $300.00                    $ 400.00 to $ 500.00
Plus Tax                                                              $5.00

Package 3) Weekly Rent.

4 or more days rent – $ 25.00 dollars
Includes only rent. Extras .  the liability insurance. plus Tax
Delivery / pick-up available , $ 10.00 ea way. ask for the service.
Remember: We will need a Credit Car for waranty. Please do not forget it.
CANCELATIONS: We will have your equipment ready for you. all cancelation  need to do it 24 hours before, No money back if you do not do it.


Hybrid , MTB, Beach Cruiser.

Cost for the first 3 days $20.00 a day.
the 4 and 5 day, will be $ 15.00 a extra days.
day 6 the cost will be $ 10.00
rent for a week 7 days $100.00 dolars.
Reservations for November 20 to Dic 15. as we  will have the IRONMAN  we will not have any specials.
Hi season prices will be a daily cost.
To make a reservation for Bikes
please decide an option,
and make the $10.00 dolars Deposit per bike.                                                                                                       After paying, please send an E-Mail with your info, dates, bike choice, etc.
PAY PAL $ 10.00 Dollars will be charged to your PayPal account when you click this button.

HYBRID BRAND HB  21 – or Schwinn Bikes Aluminum frame, 24 speed, Front and rear Disc brakes.Size S,M & L.

Beach Cruiser -Schwinn bikes   7 speed, hand brakes, some of them has front basket For ligth weigth

Package 1) For 1, 2 or 3 days.
MTB SCHWINN /HYBRID- $20.00 dollars per day
Beach Cruiser -$ 18.00 dollars per day
Package 2) Aditional day;For 4 or more days.
Beach Cruiser – $12.00 dollars per day
MTB /HYBRID  – $15.00 dollars per day
Long Term rentals (11 days or more) price negotiable.
REMEMBER: we tray to keep the bikes in a good chape, is a lot of salt, and we can not prevent all the corrosion.
All Bikes include a lock, at no extra cost.
The Bikes do not have Insurance, so you will be responsible for it, when you rent the bikes you will need to bring a valid Credit Car, for waranty to return it.
The Beach Cruiser, the basket is not included, there are some with and some with out. Ok.

Ligths ; Bring your own.
Service : Delivery & Pick- To better serve, so that we can customize it to suit your needs. For Delivery /Pick up. $ 5.00 each way. FROM ONE TO 4 BIKES. if the delivery is in Downtown area. IS FREE.

CANCELATIONS:We will have you equipment ready for you, all cancelation need to do it 48 hours before, if not , no money back sorry.
REMEMBER; We will need you to bring a Credit Card, for waranty. Please do not forget it.
With us or with any other company , we recommend you to always ask them to show you what YOU are renting,
Not just a Picture.
Always make sure the vehicle is in good conditions, including.
— Body — and Tires. ( watch out ) **
Some parts of the city have a concrete pavement streets, Which can be very slippery when wet.

For any info > contact us.
Rogelio Fernandez.

Phone cel  999-9491919   Mr Roger.

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