PAY PAL $ 10.00 Dollars will be charged to your PayPal account when you click this button.

Phone MOVIL:  999-9491919 Mr Roger. WHATS APP. + 521(999)9491919



Pleas send us e-mail telling us if you rent a Scooter or Bike.

Don’t be fooled by signs offering scooter rentals at $ 20.00 They don’t include anything.
No Gas, Not Insurance , No Tax. and some times a bearly working scooter.


cruiseSpecial rent for a day for turists arriving by Cruise or from Playa del Carmen. we have an office in Front of international pier ( where all the Royals Caribbean arrives).or Puerta Maya ( where most of the Carnivals use).

Scooters, options yamaha 125cc & Suzuki . We offer Automatic SCOOTERS.
Package  1- ) Everything is included.

Includes:Rental of the scooter, Liability Insurance, Gas ,
taxes and , All for $50.00 dollars.

Package- 2 ) Seperate Prices..
Sombrero Rentals                                               others companies

*Rent – $ 35.00                                                $ 35 to $ 45.00
*Liability Insurance –   $ 10.00                        $ 10.00 to $ 15.00
*Collision insurance     $15.00                         $15 TO   $ 20.00

*Deducctible                 $300.00                    $ 400.00 to $ 500.00

Plus Tax                                                              $5.00

Package 3) Weekly Rent.

4 or more days rent – $ 25.00 dollars
Includes only rent. Extras .  the liability insurance. plus Tax


Delivery / pick-up available , $ 10.00 ea way. ask for the service.

Remember: We will need a Credit Car for waranty. Please do not forget it.

CANCELATIONS: We will have your equipment ready for you. all cancelation  need to do it 24 hours before, No money back if you do not do it.


Hybrid , MTB, Beach Cruiser.

Cost for the first First day $20.00 a day.

the 2 to 5 day, will be $ 15.00 a extra days.

day 6 the cost will be $ 10.00

rent for a week 7 days $100.00 dolars.

Reservations ON EVENTS SEPIEMBER TO to DIC 15. as we  will have the EVENTS,   we will not have any specials.

Hi season prices will be a daily cost.

To make a reservation for Bikes
please decide an option,
and make the $10.00 dolars Deposit per bike.                                                                                                       After paying, please send an E-Mail with your info, dates, bike choice, etc.
PAY PAL $ 10.00 Dollars will be charged to your PayPal account when you click this button.


HYBRID BRAND HB  21 – or Schwinn( MTB ) Bikes Aluminum frame, 24 speed, Front and rear  brakes.Size S,M 

Beach Cruiser -Schwinn bikes   7 speed, hand brakes, some of them has front basket For ligth weigth

Package 1) For 1, 2 or 3 days.

MTB SCHWINN /HYBRID- $20.00 dollars per day

Beach Cruiser -$ 18.00 dollars per day

Package 2) Aditional day;For 4 or more days.

Beach Cruiser – $12.00 dollars per day

MTB /HYBRID  – $15.00 dollars per day

Long Term rentals (11 days or more) price negotiable.


REMEMBER: we tray to keep the bikes in a good chape, is a lot of salt, and we can not prevent all the corrosion.


All Bikes include a lock, at no extra cost.
The Bikes do not have Insurance, so you will be responsible for it, when you rent the bikes you will need to bring a valid Credit Car, for waranty to return it.
The Beach Cruiser, the basket is not included, there are some with and some with out. Ok.


Ligths ; Bring your own.

Service : Delivery & Pick- To better serve, so that we can customize it to suit your needs. For Delivery /Pick up. $ 5.00 each way. FROM ONE TO 4 BIKES. if the delivery is in Downtown area. IS FREE.


CANCELATIONS:We will have you equipment ready for you, all cancelation need to do it 48 hours before, if not , no money back sorry.

REMEMBER; We will need you to bring a Credit Card, for waranty. Please do not forget it.


With us or with any other company , we recommend you to always ask them to show you what YOU are renting,
Not just a Picture.
Always make sure the vehicle is in good conditions, including.
— Body — and Tires. ( watch out ) **
Some parts of the city have a concrete pavement streets, Which can be very slippery when wet.

For any info > contact us.
Rogelio Fernandez.

Phone cel  999-9491919   Mr Roger.





  1. Mary

    What is a hybrid. Does that mean it has an electric motor? Is it possible to see the other side or most of the island by bike? Is there a toll free number to speak with someone

    • Rogelio

      Hi Mary, just to let you know. the bikes Hybrid. and mix part of the bike is like a Road bike and otheris like a MTB, not electric motor. you need to pedal. cost $ 20.00
      Yes you can go arround the Island. and see the other part, wild side. there is a Bike Path nearly all around the island.the circle is 65 km. or 40 Miles.
      if you want beter and light bikes we have Carbon Bikes in all sizes. they are very light 8 kg / 16 pounds. the cost is diferent- I ajust the bike yo your needs. cost for the day $100.00
      and we have tours around the Island wth a tour guy, they will show you the places to take a pic, and be at the front all the way, and you will recive whater or energy drink during the ride two bottles, and at the end of the ride you will recive a leg massage,
      any question ?
      thanks and regards.

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